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Do you have black spot on your front teeth which is making you conscious even while smiling? Do you have sensitive teeth? Are you worried about how your teeth looks when you smile?

Don't worry about how your teeth looks when you smile. Urja Dental Clinic will provide you with all the options available to make your smile pleasant. we are specialized for Aesthetic Dentistry, which look after your front teeth and their appearance and helps you in making your smile look pleasant. Aesthetic dentistry works on how your teeth will be shown to the person standing besides you when you smile.

If you are having a cavity on your front teeth, or your front teeth is fractured, or you are having black teeth. Don't you worry, visit Urja Dental Clinic and get the best results.

The cavity on your front teeth is because of improper cleaning of the teeth and fracture can be because of some kind of Trauma on the face. The treatment of the Fractured fragment depends upon the severity of the fracture, which can be treated by restorations, buildups, or RCT followed by crown placement.

Dental Care not only includes the front teeth but all the teeth presents in the oral cavity. Sensitivity is one of the most common complaint. sensitivity could be because of the decayed teeth, or because of the gum problems, tooth wear and the plaque buildup.

The front lower teeth are more sensitive than the other teeth present. Sensitivity treatment depends upon the cause of sensitivity which could be because of teeth wear, or because of little deposits present in your teeth.

The sensitive teeth treatment varies depending upon the reason behind the sensitivity.

Your all the problems regarding a good smile, sensitive teeth treatment, or having black teeth can be treated accordingly at Urja Dental Clinic and the condition will be converted into a PLEASING SMILE.

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