• Dr. Aisha


You must have seen many people with braces on their teeth. You must be curious about the treatment they are going through and of-course the result after the treatment. The result after the treatment is amazing , profile of the patient gets changed in a good way.

The procedure is known as DENTAL ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT. This treatment is done for PERFECT TEETH ALIGNMENT.

If you have gaps in between your teeth, the spaces can be closed by Dental Orthodontic Treatment. If your teeth are aligned outwards or inwards or crowded, they can be aligned in their normal position with dental orthodontic treatment, so that you can have perfect smile with perfectly aligned teeth.

The Braces are of different materials, the braces which you have seen in maximum no. of patients are the metallic one, the other one are white braces i.e., ceramic braces, which are tooth colored. With advanced in dental orthodontic treatment there comes Lingual braces, which are fixed on the inward surfaces of the teeth.

Urja Dental Clinic suggests you the best possible treatment. Other phases of dental orthodontic treatment includes the INVISIBLE ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT where your braces could not be seen by the person you are talking to.

To get your smile perfect, visit us, and get more and more options of the treatment with decreased phase ,i.e., the treatment period is not only for years but get your smile corrected in months.

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