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Do you know why dentist advice you Root Canal? Do you know what is Root Canal ? Have you gone through Root Canal Pain?

If you have severe pain in a tooth which radiates upto the forehead or down the neck, it means the tooth should be treated with Root Canal Treatment.

Root Canal Treatment is suggested by RCT Dentist, when, the caries reach the pulp of the tooth resulting in severe pain. Teeth Treatment depends upon the condition of the teeth. Tooth can be saved by doing RCT Treatment instead of going with the removal of the tooth from oral cavity.

When caries reach the pulp of the tooth , it results in severe dental pain which suggests that teeth should be treated with Root Canal Treatment.

Root Canal pain is severe and increases when patient lie down i.e., increases at night and is throbbing in nature. Root Canal pain also increases when food gets accumulated in the decayed area of the tooth because the food which gets accumulated applies pressure on the nerve endings and resulting in Root Canal Pain. If the pain increases which chewing food it shows that the pain is RCT pain and tooth needs Root canal Treatment.

Root Canal dentist is specialized in doing Root Canal treatment. Here at Urja Dental Clinic specialized dentists in doing root canal treatment will perform the procedure and do every possible effort to save the tooth.

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