hand cast

3D hand and foot impressions aim to embalm the memories of loving one etched into your mind by capturing exact absolute replicas of hand and foot in a 3D cast. The 3D impression is all about getting cast of all ages to celebrate all occasions. We believe a 3D cast is perfect to capture a memory whether it's baby hands and foot impression, family members hand impressions, couple hand together, siblings bond, friends memories, and grandparents' blessings. We all know how quickly our children grow and we recognize the fast life fades away from our blissful memories of their little self. We aim to create a time capsule by designing a bespoke product with you and your loved one that includes hand or foot impression. The casting keepsakes are true for life and capture fond loving memories for years together. Our 3D impressions are ways of preserving exact replicas of the hand and foot at any stage of life, preserved in stone to touch hold for generation and to display in your home.


These beautiful life castings are the work of the skilled artisans at Urja Life Casting Studio but these pieces are more than just artwork, they are treasured keepsakes and little time portals that capture the essence of a moment and allow loved on to revisit it. We create beautiful hand and foot 3D impressions. Now you will never forget just how little your precious child was. Wouldn't you love to be able to capture those tiny little hands and feet before they get too big? Photos and videos can't capture those details. 

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Do you know about hand cast or hand and feet casting?
Hand cast means impression of your hands. Hand and feet casting helps to preserve your memories for life time. Hand cast procedure takes only 15 to  20 minutes. Baby hand and feet casting is very common. Baby hand and feet casting material is non-toxic and non-allergic. Thus all ages are suitable for hand and feet casting. Hand cast or hand and feet casting done at hand casting near me studio. Hand casting near me is also known as baby hand and foot casting near me. Baby hand and foot casting near me studio done best hand cast procedures in affordable prices. Hand and feet casting prices are depend on the on the pairs which you select for baby hand and feet casting. Hand casting near me also provides you the Impressions kit. Hand casting near me Studio gives you the discount if you take 6 pairs for hand cast from baby hand and foot casting near me. Apart from baby hand and feet casting, hand casting near me also provides Dental services. Baby hand and feet casting memories are lifelong memories. Baby hand and foot casting near me gives you to helps you to collect a lifelong memories by hand cast.
Preserve your memories with baby hand and foot casting near me. 

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