• Dr. Aisha


Do you know about DENTAL PAIN?

Have you ever experienced the Dental Pain? The pain you suffered from, may be a "GUM PAIN" rather than "DENTAL PAIN"!

Dental Pain could be caused because of different reasons. Dental Pain can be from Mild to Severe, but the characteristics of pain is that, the DENTAL PAIN will always be Sharp and shooting in nature.

If you noticed Black marks on the teeth, you need to visit Urja Dental Clinic. If you ignored the black marks on the tooth, after few days the food will start getting accumulating in the black area, leading to MILD PAIN, that is; THE DENTAL PAIN which is one of the cavity symptoms.

other cavity symptoms includes; sensitivity to cold and hot food, intermittent mild pain which gets relieved by its own after few minutes.

And if you still ignored the condition, TOOTH CAVITY PAIN starts, which is moderate to severe depending upon the cavity size. Tooth cavity pain is the last stage for the tooth to be saved that is with restorations.

I you still ignored , the condition could lead you to TOOTH INFECTION. Tooth infection arises when food is accumulated in the cavity , from where the bacteria enters the tooth and its pulp chamber resulting TOOTH INFECTION.

Tooth infection pain is severe and can radiate to the nearby structures like head, ear, neck, etc., thus the pain caused due to tooth infection is very severe and patient also complains of sever pain which could radiate up to the ear or head or could be radiating down in the neck.

in this situation tooth can be saved by doing root canal treatment with adequate medication.

So, before going through root canal treatment, there are various stages at which the tooth can saved and restored.

so keep a check on your teeth to avoid severe dental pain.


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