• Dr. Aisha


DIRTY TEETH causes many other problems in our oral cavity. Teeth cleaning is very important , to maintain good oral Health. Teeth cleaning is very important for our healthy gums. Improper cleaning of our teeth results in PLAQUE accumulation. Plaque start forming inside our mouth on teeth surface leading to TARTAR formation.

Plaque when not cleaned properly , act as floor where the bacteria start accumulating.

Thus, accumulation of plaque for long period results in TARTAR formation which mainly found in our lower front teeth on the surface towards our tongue.

we can feel the Tartar with our tongue, it feels like rough deposits near gums.

TARTAR is very hard stone like substance formed by bacterial accumulation inside our mouth which not get cleaned by brushing.

For Tartar removal u need to visit the dental clinic, the best dental clinic, urja dental clinic, to get rid out of the hard deposits which is really very harmful for your gums.

TARTAR removal is mandatory for your healthy gums, for healthy mouth and for pain-free soothing smile and healthy life.

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