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Getting a tooth filled is a painless procedure

Do you know what are cavities and fillings? Have you ever heard of filling between teeth? Have you undergone front tooth cavity filling? Do you wish to know about how the back tooth filling is done?

Get to know more about cavities and fillings. Filling is a way to restore a tooth that is damaged by decay. Getting a tooth filled restores tooth back to its normal function and shape. Back tooth filling is necessary to get done because bacteria can cause damage to the tooth. Back tooth filling is necessary as back tooth are required for chewing food properly. Front tooth cavity filling is also necessary as front tooth have great role in esthetic of the patients. Bacteria mainly accumulate in between the teeth surface , filling between teeth is done when the caries occur in between the tooth surface.

By closing off spaces where bacteria can enter, a filling between teeth also helps prevent further decay.

Materials used for cavities and fillings, back tooth fillings,front tooth cavity filling include composite resin, glass ionomer cements and an amalgam. Urja Multispeciality Dental Cilnic provides you the best materials for filling between teeth, front tooth cavity filling , back tooth filling.

The tooth fillings exactly matches your natural teeth. Getting a tooth filled is not a difficult task at Urja Multispeciality Dental Clinic, Chandigarh.

Front tooth cavity filling exactly matches the shade of natural teeth. No body can guess or analyze that there is front tooth cavity filling done.

If there is caries in between two teeth. Then the filling between teeth helps to reduce food lodgment and decay in them. The material used for filling between teeth is of good strength that can bear the occlusal forces.

It's a painless procedure. The filling is completed within fifteen minutes. So now, you can easily trust and refer to your near and dear ones for getting a tooth filled at Urja Multispeciality Dental Clinic, Chandigarh.

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