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Sleep Grinding

Do you wonder what happens if you keep on grinding teeth? if grinding teeth becomes a continuous habit then you will notice your bottom teeth wearing down . You will also find your teeth shape change .You will experience worn teeth in your mouth.In the morning when you wakeup you will experience face jaw pain. Face muscles hurt you. This habit of grinding teeth or sleep grinding is known as bruxism. The teeth shape change and becomes worn teeth because of sleep grinding. The bottom teeth wearing down can be stopped by using night guard. It is also known as dental mouth guard. Dental mouth guard for grinding teeth is to prevent sleep grinding and this is also known as bruxism mouth guard. Its custom night guard made by the dentist. It's two visit procedure involving five minutes each. In the first sitting, the dentist takes the impression of jaws and in the second sitting the night guard is given to the patient.

Then you are a candidate of sleep grinding, and you are unaware of it. Sleep grinding of teeth is related to stress or anxiety. Teeth grinding mostly occur during sleep, that is why it's also referred to as sleep grinding. Many a times, we see patients in our clinic are unaware of this habit and they complain about worn teeth . The sleep grinding can damage your teeth by causing teeth sensitivity, bottom teeth wearing down, face jaw pain, face muscles hurt you. You must also be experiencing sooner or later that your teeth get sensitive.

Sleep grinding occurs when a person is in deep sleep, if you are sleeping alone then you may not no urself and for this you can keep a voice recorder nearby you and switch it on while you go for sleep. When you listen to it in the morning you can hear the voice . Sleep grinding, produces an annoying sound . The sound of sleep grinding can also be mistaken with the sound of mice like chewing on something.

It's a transparent sheet that patient have to wear during sleep. The dental night guard cost is reasonable and affordable at Urja Multispeciality Dental Clinic. The dental mouth guard cost is reasonable because of the quality we use in making of the dental mouth guard at Urja Multispeciality Dental clinic. It's a painless procedure.

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